Monday, July 20, 2009

10 Benefits of a All Raw Diet

Do you really want to go raw, but can not gather the courage to start?

These are among the top 10 benefits of raw foods that everyone has experienced the raw foodist. If this does not convince to go into the rough, do not know what will!

# 1: Improve digestion

If I had to give my highest gross profit of food, improve digestion would be the same. The result is that almost anyone to try raw food experiments.

Not only that, but generally very quickly. Almost all digestive problems can be solved in a few days, if not less. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or just occasionally disturb the stomach, you will see significant improvements after thought.

However, if the abuse of food combining rule # 1, the results will not be so great. No amount of raw foods can cancel the effects of the combination of sugar into fat.

# 2: Permanent Weight Loss

Hmmmm ... perhaps permanent weight loss should be the main advantage?

I do not think that is going too far to say that about 99.9999999% of people who struggle with their weight at some point in their lives. Many of us go on diet after the regime following the diet in the hope that we will see * some * kind of change in our weight.

Unfortunately, the only change that most of us is a witness to a larger number on the scale. And if we do happen to lose weight, is generally at the expense of our health (ie, caloric restriction, diet pills dangerous programs, frozen food, etc.) and usually returns to haunt us sooner or later.

On the other hand, eating a healthy diet of raw food you can lose weight while continuously improving * your health considerably. In addition, it can eat * pounds of food every day without any guilt!

# 3: More power

Contrary to what you've read / heard many famous raw foodists, raw food are * not * give you energy. Nothing you eat, be it a hamburger or a banana. Eat foods of all kinds * * requires energy, as all that you have energy during the day.

What is a root of a healthy raw vegan diet really special is that it requires less energy for the process in your body. 2 pounds of grapes takes literally minutes to be fully digested by the body. This prevents food or even a complicated dish, raw fat, which have hours to be digested.

* The truth is a supplier of energy in standby, which leads me to draw # 4 ...

# 4: Better sleep

Since I am in the rough, I'm almost never feel tired when I went to bed. Even after being so long in the rough, always ready to go to bed sometimes and think, "Gee, I will not be able to sleep at this time. Maybe I should be a little more."

However, to convince me to go to bed and when my head hits the pillow, I feel relaxed. Within minutes, I'm out.

The best part? When I awake, I am fully awake and ready to start my day. No more ringing in the morning for me!

This is far from my routine for two years. My routine is to feel completely exhausted by 4pm. Try not to fall asleep at the wheel on the way home from a client. I feel a little better after a nap of 30 minutes. I feel exhausted again by 7pm. Still in bed exhausted by 10am. Stay awake for an hour. Getting up at 7 o'clock in the morning groggy and grouchy. Repeat.

Yikes, makes me tired just typing!

# 5: Mental Clarity

I'm not sure that many raw foodists will disagree with that. Raw Foodists be tree hugging, hippie nut job, right?

In a diet of raw foods, because you are not a weight of your body hard to digest cooked food, more energy than you use your brain!

Of course this has much to do with sleep, as described above. Because they spend less energy to digest foods rather sleep. This means that we have more energy during the day, our thoughts are usually much clearer and better our goal. We are more mentally and emotionally stable.

It's really a cycle, right? The more you eat raw food, better sleep. The better sleep, more energy you have. The more power you have, the more you are mentally stable. The more stable mentally, the more it is retained in the rough. The longest stay in the rough ...

# 6: soft, smooth and clear skin

To be honest, I have always had very good skin. He had three defects may be in my life. In fact, the worst my skin has never been in the first months after my departure from Salt *! But that is for another article ...

I am not trying to brag about. I just want to be honest. I am not here to make a fuss about how the transition goes crazy in the rough grow more than 5 inches tall and he gave me the power of flight. Although I spent almost 2 full of shoes ...

Anyway, I'm sure many of you struggling with skin problems, including skin spots, dry skin, oily skin, visible pores, blemishes, etc.

* * You do not need an expensive, loaded with chemicals routine skin treatment that serves only to irritate the skin and abuse. All you need is a good heapin 'helping water rich in fruits and vegetables.

Sunday and some can not or injuries. :)

# 7: thick hair healthy and shiny

I've always had very thick hair, but it was very dry and difficult to handle in the rough before my departure. The worst is that I want to lay like crazy! My mother has always been to throw handfuls of my long locks of the vacuum rolls. Yuck!

Now, to eat plenty of food, food-rich water, my hair is silky and smooth. And I am no longer a shedding machine!

# 8: The teeth and gums healthy

But teeth are not supposed to putrefaction of the head when you go raw?

NO! The fact that so many long term raw foodists have experienced tooth decay is simply a testimony to the fact that the main diet of raw foods does not * *.

In a healthy diet full of raw fruits, vegetables and low-moderate fat, no experience of tooth problems. In fact, the condition of your teeth and gums can improve!

The real key is to have a robust system of dental care in place and do not have dry food from the base of your diet.

# 9: More than pain, pain, disease or benign

How many of you have trouble with "everyday" illnesses and pains such as headaches, migraines, colds, flu, stomach aches, joint pain, muscle cramps, allergies, etc? We all at one time!

I used to fight with

* Anemia
* Restless Legs Syndrome
* Muscular and pain in the legs and feet
* Cold season 3-4 times per year (more or less when the time change)
* The flu once every two years
* Headaches
* Horrible menstrual cramps and strong currents in my abdomen and lower back which left me in tears

And, of course, were apparently random and unexplained pain that occurs from time to time.

Each of them has been completely eradicated and that I am * * gross. No more headaches. No more colds. Perhaps best of all, not more severe and painful cramping gut! Sorry, guys, but it really is a great for us women.

# 10: Save Some Green

When you decide to take their health into their own hands and go in the rough, you can expect to save * a lot * of money in the process.

No more unnecessary to waste money on drugs, supplements or "Superfoods." No more expensive medical costs. No insurance rates higher.

You can concentrate on *, and who spend more time and money on things that really make you more ... well, you!

It is time to go raw?

What are you waiting for? Every day, you remain the slave of his back pain, your fat, or even his trip to the local pharmacy, is a day that could be life on raw and love!


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