Monday, July 20, 2009

Fast Food and Weight Loss

One issue that continually arises in any rapid weight loss, diet program and, in general, to specialists is the weight I can eat junk food and still lose weight? This May at first be a stupid question and not in the sense that it is very likely that the junk food of the person in the state of being overweight at the start.

However, if you are of those who love their unhealthy junk food and still want to achieve rapid weight loss, then it May be a surprise. Strange as it seems in May, it seems that you can eat salads, with its junk food and still lose weight. Recent studies have shown that they can effectively offset the extra weight gained in the junk food by eating a good salad. May this sounds like science fiction for you, but it can and it works.

We speak, of course, moderation, because they do not want to suck for four or five of its McDoubles in one sitting, eating a small cup of salad. Moderation is key and must be carefully followed.

If you eat a salad at every meal, your metabolism tends to increase the tax that you will burn more fat off fast. If you're wondering how these fit into the diet of salads let me explain further.

Basically it is a dream of chemists. Everything revolves around the interaction between different types of chemicals. Malbouffe their red meat, soft drinks, sweets and sugar loaded fat all milk products are rich in acids. It is these acids which tend to kill if it is in your body. Fortunately for you to treat the body with which the deposit of fatty acids are inside. In this way, neutralizes acids and allows the deposit of fat that is stored in your body.

The greens are at their salad contain a considerable amount of alkali. If you remember your high school chemistry alkaline is the opposite of acid. Alkaline as it is placed in your body is cleansed of most of the toxins that are sitting there in the form of fat.

So now you can begin to understand how you can quickly, perhaps, loss of weight and still eat junk food. The more vegetables you eat more rapid weight loss begins to occur. The main point is that you want to add as many vegetables to your diet as you can. We have shown that the salads contain a considerable amount of alkali to neutralize the acid waste in their food and thus prevent further weight gain to occur. All meals on your plan so that it includes at least 70 percent of them with fruit or vegetables. Only by planning your meals in this way you can be sure of the rapid weight loss.

No amount of exercise will help the success of rapid weight loss if you do things with junk food. It is in their best interest to bend as much as possible. Since you are obviously a serious diet and do not want to have a habit of falling into the junk food of any type can easily see that if the need is too much for what they do well from time to time to visit his local McDonald's or Burger

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