Monday, December 1, 2008

Being overworked, but undexercised

At the beginning of any fat loss program, many people come to me and the sense inability of overweight, but also low on energy and stressed. Exercise to increase your energy levels and reduce their stress levels, but at the same point in time, when most need to reduce stress levels, the idea of taking on more tasks may seem daunting and likely only to increase stress levels more - can become a Catch 22,you feel too stressed to fit everything in.

Therefore, how to cope with this capture 22? How to make sure that the addition of a commitment to extra time in your busy life and does not increase your stress level even more?

First, you need to take some time from your busy life, and assess where you are and where you are going. The setting of targets and analysis of what they want from life as a whole can often make us look at life from a slightly different perspective. Many of the things we are busy doing are not what we really want to focus on, or things that are most important to us. This is what makes us stressed - that annoying feeling that we are really busy, but not to make the management of the important things.

You need to make a commitment to become healthy and recall what the outcome is - it is not purely about aesthetics and looking good,but it really is about being more healthy and resting. You need to prioritize their health order to deal effectively with all that life throws at you and you remember that once made the time to fit in exercise, you'll have more energy and be able to achieve more during the day.

Until your health and fitness is sufficiently high on their list of priorities that are always going to find other things to get in the way. When have been fully accepted its importance can then be spent to make time - and this is the key, the time is not something that is only found!

Once you have recognized that going to do fitness and health a priority it is time to look at how you can create a space in your life that fits in. Are there things cluttering your life? Are they really all that important? Could you spend 30 minutes less time on the Internet or watching TV at night and use that time to squeeze in a training session? Can delegating certain tasks? They often feel that 'to get a job well done and can do it myself, "but sometimes we have to let go, allowing someone to" learn "to do it for us! May not be perfect, but that up FREE some time!

Consciously looking at how to respond to stressful situations can make a huge difference, too. Are you stressed because you are in a hurry, or is it because you are stressing? I practice a lot of yoga, and often have to remind me where the traffic between clients that while some good deep breaths will not make traffic move faster, or me there any faster, which will undoubtedly I am calm and the trip more enjoyable - I can not change the time of arrival was highlighted by, but I can change the way I feel when I arrive!

Another important element is matching your exercise intensity of how you feel on a particular day. If you're really frazzled, then a really intense session just to carry out even more, to choose exercises that are more energizing, or do a strength training session with a lot of rest between sets, instead an intense circuit-style approach. There are days when I know I need yoga, more than anything else, in the event that that's what I'm going to do. My body and mindthanks to me and I'm raring secure and ready to go for my next session of intense training.

This is not an excuse for inaction against just because you can not be bothered, mind you, and you will often find that once you start increasing your energy levels! Just start with their warm and have a plan, but be prepared to change slightly if necessary.

On the issue of recovery, make sure you have enough. With the proper training plan, it is not necessary to practice for hours every day to get results. You are much better off training intensively for 3 hour long sessions a week (or shorter sessions 4-6) during peak hours of training in an account-numbingly boring level. This is perfect for the busy person in today's hectic world where you can rest and recover, safe in the knowledge that you are actually enhancing the effectiveness of its recovery program correctly.

Exercise is a vital tool for reducing stress for gaining energy, so it's worth doing is the right time for that in. You will soon wonder how you coped without it!

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