Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrity 4 day diet

Celebrity 4 day diet is one of the best ways to lose 5 pounds fast in a short period of time. Most of this diet is used by film stars, dancers before performances. May have heard of this diet but with a different name, such as diet of Hollywood actor or diet.

It is better to start this diet on Wednesday or Thursday because his last day of the diet that you should drink a bottle of wine. I do not think it is a great idea to appear at Work enxicated a bit. The best part is that this diet lasts only four days.

Here is a diet:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner diet for the first day: Drink for the whole day fresco organic tomato juice and eat boiled rice. Eat it all without sugar or salt. Sal leaves your body to lose water. During the day, you can eat rice and tomato juice drink as much as you want without any restrictions.

Second day of diet:

For organic drink all day without eating fat and fat-free yogurt or low-fat Cottqueso old. Once again there are no limits on quantity.

If you feel hungry, you must eat until hunger is gone.

Third day of diet:

Start your day with organic green tea and drink all day without any sweeteners. Consume 250 grams of boiled meat during the day. It is recommended to use white meat chicken (without skin), turkey (no skin) or low-fatpork.

Fourth day of diet, final:

Buy a bottle of good dry red wine consumed during the day and low-fat cheese. It is allowed to eat cheese in unlimited quantities. But there is a restriction on the water, not more than 2 glasses. For all other days, one, two and three are recommended to consume a large glass of water before each meal.

It starts today and lose 5 pounds fast and e

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